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So What Is NIRA?

The National Inline Racing Association introduces the nation's first competitive program for the Sport of Inline Speed Skating that provides you and your team the excitement of Olympic Style Short Track Speed Skating while learning and experiencing the International format of Inline Speed Skating used at the World Championships.

Why Join the NIRA?

By joining the National Inline Racing Association, you and your club will have access to the nation's newest speed skating program. Compete in the sanctioned events which were developed to introduce you and your skaters to the international style of racing. Introduce your skaters at a young age to oval track racing, allowing them to develop in the International arena of speed skating.

All International track competitions are competing on oval tracks! The C.I.C. defines a track as 'a race course within an outdoor or indoor facility provided with two straightaways of the same length and with two symmetrical bends having the same diameter.' The World Championships are never competed around a track marked using four offset pylons with a running start before starting the clock.

By using International guidelines for the NIRA Racing Rules, the NIRA competition umbrella will allow you and your skaters learn, develop skills and compete in the International Speed Skating arena. This includes: an individiual timed event using the same International starting procedures as used at the World Championships. Learn and understand the International system for heating of skaters, starting line position and qualifying by times to a final event. Learn, develop, and test strategies needed for the elmination races, race three person relays using the same guidelines established for the World Champinships, as well as the Winter Olympics.

Experience the International style of speed skating at home. Need we say more? Take your team and skaters to a higher level with the NIRA.

Program Overview

The NIRA Short Track program is designed for roller skating centers, parks, and recreation centers or any smooth surface such as a parking lot. Skaters will train and compete on a 100 meter tracks marked with 14-16 corner markers (see track layout) as currently practiced in Olympic Short Track Ice Speed Skating. The oval track allows safer corners with wider passing lanes for more exciting races.

The Starting Line and Finish Line are the same, located 12 meters from the first corner marker at the center of the straightaway. The Time Clock begins with the firing of the starting marker at the center of the straightaway. The Time Clock begins with the firing of the starting gun. Photo Finish cameras will be used at the NIRA Nationals for world record consideration and correct placement determined by the skater's skate.

The Individiual Age Group classification and distances are defined for both individual and relay events. All Individual Age Groups will have a competitive distance of '500 Meters.' This allows each age group the opportunity to compare times with the other age groups.

The exciting 100 Meter "Dash For Cash" allwos each skater to individually compete against the clock with a cash prize for the fastest male and fastest female times.

The "Last Man Out" elimination races are a 'race within a race', with the winner being the last remaining skater regardless of the laps left.

The 'Two & Three Person Relays' are based upon International Speed Skating (CIC) and the Olympic Short Track Ice Relay formats. Each skater will relay every one/two laps and return to the relay box after completing their laps for the Judges' Final Placement.

Awards are awarded for each race in the Individual Age Groups as well as the Overall top three skaters combining all age group events, including the Dash for Cash.

The 'NIRA Nationals' National Short Track Inline Speed Skating Championships are scheduled annually over the Labor Day Weekend. The Championsihps are open to all skaters with no regional qualification required.

Who is the NIRA?

While the NIRA itself is a new organization, our Board of Directors has more than 100 years of national skating leadership with resumes including: former national chmpaions and world championship skaters, former and current world team coaches, coaches of national and world champion skaters, directly invovled in having the sport of roller skating included in the Pan American Games, and distributors of speed skating equipment.

The NIRA is positioning itself to become a leader in the sport of inline speed skating. The NIRA is confident that the premier comeptitions pvoided through the NIRA will meet the needs of millions of inline skaters in the nation's fastest growing sport.

How Can We Join NIRA?

Joining the NIRA is simple. Simply fill out the Club Application, located in the Get Invovled section, and return it to the NIRA with the $25 annual membership fee included.

Once your application is processed, you will receive the following membership benefits: You will receive 16 Official NIRA Corner markers, The NIRA Event Directors Guide, Official NIRA Rule Book, NIRA Constitution and By-Laws, Competition Sanctioning Privelages, Official Certification Program, Competition Information, Rights to bid for the NIRA Nationals, Complimentary copy of Speed Skating Times and subscription info, and the NIRA COACH Newsletter.


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